Markaz Mīt Ghamr

Mit Ghamr is an Egyptian center producing aluminium accounting for more than 70% of Egypt's total production, especially aluminum utensils. It is a town in the Ad Daqahliyah governorate, second only to Al Mansurah in population and importance. It is located on Damietta branch of the Nile, and just on the opposite side of the Nile located another city called Zifta which belongs to the governorate Al Gharbia. In addition, Mit Ghamr is found in the middle of four governorates, AD Dakahlia to the north, Al Qaliobiah to the south, Al Sharqiah to the east and Al Gharbiah to the west. It is about 43 kilometers away from Al Mansurah and 28 kilometers away from Zagazig, the capital of Al Shariqiah, also about 35 kilometers from Banha, the capital of Al Qaliobiah, and 29 kilometers from Tanta, the capital of Al Gharbiah. Mit Ghamr is home to one of the best known Islamic scholars, Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy, who was born in the village of Dakadous where he was finally buried after he died.

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