Terms & Conditions

Hagen’s Travel & Cruises acts only in the capacity of an agent for the transportation companies, whether land or sea or air, hotels or other accommodation, restaurants, places of entertainment and other such travel services when reserved for its customer, and as outlined in your personal travel itinerary. Hagen’s Travel & Cruises does not own or operate any such travel services and therefore maintains no control whatsoever over the personnel, facilities, equipment or operations of the suppliers of such travel services.

In the event of Hagen’s Travel & Cruises offering or selling a tour/cruise/package holiday reserved with a tour operator, Hagen’s Travel & Cruises acts only as an agent for the tour operator named in the travel brochure, which has made all the arrangements with the suppliers of the various travel services in your itinerary.

Hagen’s Travel & Cruises, therefore, shall not be responsible or liable to its customer for any claims, loses, damages or expenses arising out of injury, whether physical of mental, accident, death, delay or inconvenience to the customer or any other person, or damage to his/her luggage or other personal property from any cause whatever and the customer waives any and all such responsibility or liability.

To the best of Hagen’s Travel & Cruises’ knowledge and information, the description and information given about the various travel services are accurate. Hagen’s Travel & Cruises shall not be liable to the customer if any of the travel services do not comply with, or the suppliers of such travel services do not provide the service represented.

All arrangements are subject to the conditions imposed by the transportation companies, hotels or other forms of accommodation, restaurants, places of entertainment the tour operator and other such travel services, if any, and accordingly may be subject to cancellation and/or service charges. Refunds in whole or in part, for unused travel services are subject to such conditions. Hagen’s Travel & Cruises shall only be responsible for refunding the net amount which is recovered from the appropriate travel service supplier less amounts expended to provide alternate services and other related expenses.

All costs are subject to change without notice due to exchange fluctuations and tariff increases. In the event of any increase in the cost of the travel services after acceptance of the booking, the customer shall pay any such additional amount advised by Hagen’s Travel & Cruises.

These conditions may NOT be waived or modified except with the written agreement with Hagen’s Travel & Cruises.